I’ve never been the fastest runner. For much of my life, I was a middle-of-the-packer, likely because I didn’t pick up running shoes until I was in my mid-20s. In fact, the first time I laced up was the day I signed up for my first marathon.

I recall mindlessly flipping through tv channels on an early Sunday in November, what seems like (and was) eons ago. Finally, something caught my attention: the live coverage of the New York City marathon. I don’t know why I was drawn to it; as I mentioned, I was not a runner. But I…

Yesterday, I went to the pharmacy at our local CVS. This in and of itself wasn’t unusual. My mission, however, was new.

I went to buy an at-home COVID-19 test.

I didn’t purchase it because I felt ill (I didn’t) or because I had come in contact with someone who was (I hadn’t). No, I purchased the test because I’m seeing colleagues this week, my mother flies in Thursday night, and we have parents weekend at my daughter’s school next weekend. All of which require us to be COVID-free. …

September 2021. The coronavirus pandemic is still front-page news and, as businesspeople, we will feel its effects for years to come. As much as we’ve all talked about it being “unprecedented,” I think it’s important to remember that we’ve survived other massive-scale disruptions. Events that shook the world as we knew it; made us redefine the meaning of work and life; fall back on our resilience, faith, agility, and sheer belief in our own strength; and remind us why carrying on is so important.

Twenty years ago, we faced just such an event. And for those old enough, we recall…

Damn you, Harry Chapin. I’ve always found your 1974 folk rock song “Cat’s in the Cradle” slightly melancholy and most definitely an earworm. A man lets time slip through his fingers, missing out on key moments of his child’s life, only to realize what he’s lost. Yep, got it.

I turned on the radio the other day, and it just happened to be playing. About halfway through the song, I lost it. Entirely. I started to sob uncontrollably. Big, ugly tears as I realized that in two days, I’ll be sending my eldest to college. Really? When did I turn…

They say “timing is everything.” Our timing was … well … memorable. At Skillsoft Marketing, we began our first internship program just over a year ago at the start of the pandemic. In fact, our very first intern joined the day we shuttered the office, picking up her laptop and seeing her boss in person for the first — and only — time.

We had four interns in that inaugural class, all of whom completed their programs virtually and two of whom joined Skillsoft full-time: Gianna Wilson and Amanda Papavasiliou.

On this day, I was visiting our partner C Space in their Boston office to accelerate planning for Skillsoft’s largest and most important customer event, Perspectives. We started discussing ways we could drive registration when I asked the question we were all thinking … would people come? Coronavirus wouldn’t be declared a global pandemic for nine more days, but it was clear by March 2, 2020 that something was going to materially change … and well, everything did. For us, it changed the way we thought about our annual Perspectives event — and that change was transformational.

Over the next…

Many businesses hit a “make-it or break-it” milestone, a time when they must reinvent themselves to stay on top.

2018 marked a turning point for Peloton, the now ubiquitous in-home fitness brand. In that one year, their business model shifted dramatically; it became less about the bike and more about the content. And, it was no longer just a workout, but a community for like-minded people to gather, connect, and yes, burn a calorie or two.

The brand became synonymous with premium content, expert instructors (with rock star-like status!), and a large and fast-growing customer base. So, how does a…

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, school’s out and summer is fully upon us, bringing high temperatures and longer days (and a lobster roll or two here in New England!). This is when many of us plan time away; after all, vacations offer a welcome respite from the daily grind, and given the stressors of the past year, we need them now more than ever. Whether you stay local and just roam (staycation!), road trip across country, or find yourself with two tickets to paradise, you can count on a vacation to deliver more than just sandy beaches.

My favorite spot on Martha’s Vineyard.

A couple of years ago, when I worked for IBM, I gave an interview for their “Women of Watson” series. During the interview, my favorite question was this:

What advice do you have for young women looking to become leaders?
I answered with conviction: I will offer the same advice I give to my teenage daughters: Find purpose in what you do, be curious, and always look for the “why.”

In those pre-pandemic times, that advice rolled off my tongue quite easily — as my daughters know only too well, I do like to wrap things…

If we made it through the day, we’re ok

Some years ago, a friend decided to go see a therapist. As the session started, the therapist said, “Tell me what’s happening.” My friend took a breath and began: She had finally left her stressful corporate job of 10 years. Her beloved father had been diagnosed with cancer, and the prognosis was grim; she’d been traveling back and forth from Boston to New York. To top it all off, she was 6 months pregnant and experiencing a rare form of all-day “morning sickness” that had only intensified with time. After she described what was happening, she said, “I thought I…

Michelle Boockoff-Bajdek

Chief Marketing Officer at Skillsoft

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